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You may blame Iceland for this, because he was the one who jinxed it... BUT YOU NOW HAVE ZOMBIES.

One of the portals opened for quite a while and let through a couple hundred of them... and while they terrorize the whole city, they seem to be especially interested in those that were pulled here from other worlds...

If you get bitten by a zombie, you turn into one yourself. But no worries, only until the government notices and puts you into hospital. They can heal you (this is not an option for the original zombies, as they simply renew the state that you were in when walking throught the portal).

We are in England, so guns and things like that aren't exactly easily available unless you are a hunter or brought them with you. Have fun!
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[A small, ordinary-looking boy steps onto the sidewalk through a pair of great doors that fade and vanish even as he leaves them.]

London, is it? Goodness, how strange.
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( video; )

[ New Year is just around the corner, which means that everyone should be happy, right? Or at least got affected by the joyous atmosphere, especially since Christmas was only like, two days ago. Unfortunately, a certain someone here is perennially dissatisfied with his current situation. You know, the whole interdimensional shit and all? Iceland wasn't impressed. Especially because of a certain something. So now you'll all get a broadcast from him. The first thing the video feed revealed was, of course, the broadcaster. Silver-white hair, pale blue eyes, and all that jazz. His expression was like someone whose beloved puffin cat just got hit by a truck, and the truck driver happens to be his bestfriend (he didn't have any, but shhh, this is an analogy) who had just ran off with his girlfriend (disclaimer: he didn't have any either). In another words: a bastard child of grave and pissed off. ]

The food here sucks. [ See, at least he went straight to the point! ] I would rather be trapped anywhere else. Monsters? Zombies? Aliens and the whole nine yard? Bring it on, I don't care. At least I'm not trapped in- [ Swear word omitted, but it's in Icelandic anyway, you won't understand. But it means "this goddamn hellhole" or something along that line, yeah. ] this place.

[ After all, it's common knowledge that British food suck, and coincidentally, Iceland agree with that. And he's dramatic enough to let his annoyance with British food spread elsewhere. After all, he's kind of...stuck in the past when it comes to his relations with England. ]

How am I supposed to continue to exist if all the food here sucks? [ / drama king ] Can't we just like, build a portal to our home worlds or something? [ Dressing rooms doesn't work that way, Iceland. Anyway, the answer to his food dilemma is: he can cook instead of eating out, or mooch either Sweden or Norway's food, but a) he's too lazy to do so, and b) he has this little thing called pride. ]

( action; )

[ For you action-oriented people (can be taken literally), he's currently sitting in the park, toying with his communicator after the broadcast. Probably got a book or two. Feel more than free to troll bug him. ]
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[Today there is a small Japanese child in oversized glasses dodging through the crowd. Somebody might want to help him out before he gets himself trampled.]
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[Traffic may be delayed today due to an accident on Westminster Bridge. A young man driving a 1930s-era car reportedly "came out of nowhere," lost control of his vehicle on the ice, and somehow veered into oncoming traffic. No one was hurt, but the driver, holding a white dog in his arms, seems a bit disoriented as he explains the situation to the police.]

I'm telling the truth, sir! I know it sounds mad, but I wasn't in London until a moment ago. And it wasn't... snowing.

... No, I have not been drinking!


((ooc: leaving soon for Christmas Eve stuff but I will tag back after that!!))
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[Screw this being indoors noise, Canada is too disgruntled at the whole idea of being stuck somewhere she doesn't want to be (and honestly, it's bad enough being at England's house too long for whatever reason she gives, or when Canada had to spend long weeks in London fighting paperwork for autonomy) to worry too much about the small room she'd been assigned. She needed more space than that.

And so she is outside, trying to befriend a squirrel. It's not going so well. They're sort of rude, here.]
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[Sweden just got to his new room and, while it was perfectly clean, started to clean it. Because that is what you do when you move into a new house.

So the furniture is in the hallway right now. If you are slim enough, you'll be able to still squeeze through. If not, you'll have to try to push it aside... or call the person who put them there if you can't or don't want to touch someone else's furniture just like that.]
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[Maraich peered around the corner to see if anyone was there. He wasn't sure how he ended up here but he was in survival-mode now. It looked like London, but it wasn't his London.

First he was going to see if the grocery stores were the same. He scampered across the street, wary of any other people that came by.]