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Name:Open dressing room
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Open dressing room for everyone and all.

- If the Rating of your entry is PG-15 or above, please put it under a cut.
- No wank, bashing, etc.
- No godmodding, because that is no fun.


Your character now lives in a suburb of London, UK. You came here by accident and cannot get back now because you're not from this world originally.

You see, there are people here that illegaly tamper with creating interdimensional doors or wormholes, and those just show up in places and maybe you stumbled. maybe you were curious. Maybe you were in a fight and just jumped at your enemy... And then you landed on the other side. The government is aware of the problem and has built a shelter for the stranded, where you will get a small room with an attached bathroom and a small kitchen attached to it. You also get an allowance, but that doesn't stop you from getting a job, of course.

Each new arrival will be offered a smartphone upon arrival, and they can still come back and pick it up later if they refuse at first. Thus, you can also communicate through voice/video/text.

If you have any questions, please direct them to [personal profile] narva

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